Whole person mind and body mentorship for courageous entrepreneurs.

Mentorship for your unique journey.

Life can be all-consuming.

For many of us, caught between the demands of work, family and everyday stresses, there is little space to reflect on the choices we've made and the challenges that lie ahead.

As entrepreneurs, by following our passion and connecting the dots of our unique abilities, we spark a new light in the world, full of possibility and hope.

Yet, at some point on that journey, our minds become overwhelmed and exhausted, we lose sight of who we really are and what lights us up.

We compare our journey to the success of others and feel disconnected from all the things we hoped would bring us joy.

My mission is to help those who feel the same as I once did rediscover their light, refresh their journey, restore their energy levels and regulate their nervous systems.

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Wave goodbye to exhausting hustle culture and celebrate the clarity that comes with brilliant strategies for your business, a peaceful nervous system and a joyful life.

Light Year Mentor

A year long mentoring program designed to give you the space, time, inspiration and support to discover and develop what really matters to you. Every session will have a theme and will be designed for your individual journey.

Invest 12 months with me and I promise you’ll be amazed how far you can travel in one year.

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A Guiding Hand

For those moments when loneliness, doubt or overwhelm creep in. When you find yourself thinking “I don’t know what to do”, “this feels really tough” or “I wish I could talk to someone about this”.

A monthly membership which includes a regular catch up for guidance plus emergency  support.

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Light Year Body

Long term stress, heightened cortisol levels, running on empty, spikes of adrenaline, perpetual worry and sleepless nights all leave a mark on our bodies. Science shows that our minds alone cannot unwind the effect.

A 12 month journey to rejuvenate and reconnect you to your body.

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My adventure as an entrepreneur

View My Journey

Amber Bear - A companion for your courage, a sage when hope seems out of reach and a hand guiding you to your light.


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October 2023

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