I’m Emily.

I live in the beautiful South Norfolk countryside, just outside Norwich.

I mentor, in-person, entrepreneurs who are based in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire and work remotely with entrepreneurs across the UK.

How I help

The values that guide me


I believe that the best mentors are always reflecting, learning and growing. I’m in practice every day, filled with curiosity and constantly evolving to provide clarity and inspiration to my clients.

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Throughout history, human beings have looked to the stars and shared stories to build connection and meaning.

It is through hearing someone else’s journey and sharing our own that we feel less alone.



I believe bravery and resilience are rooted in understanding our fears, facing them safely and surely, being open to positive change and respecting our boundaries.

Knowing when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.



Awe is felt when we experience something bigger than ourselves.

It’s a feeling of falling in love with the world again. It nourishes us and guides us home to who we really are.

It is why spending time outside during our time together is so important.

Feeling a sense of awe in nature. A sunset in Kefalonia

Why are you called 'Amber Bear'?


– It is the stone of courage, carried for protection during long travels.

– As a colour it promotes safety and confidence. It’s warmth can create an atmosphere of security.

– It is believed to balance emotions.

– The Vikings carved animals into amber to represent the strength they needed.

– It is said to encourage the development of wisdom and patience.


– The bear represents a protector and symbolises courage, physical strength and leadership.

– The bear is a paradox – a picture of tranquility and a mother’s love, whilst also the symbol for a warrior and power.

– As a totem guide, a bear shows you how to overlook your problems and appreciate the beauty of life.

– A group of bears is called a ‘sleuth’ – to search for and discover.

Why is this so important to me?

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