October 2023

The soundtrack to our lives


Music strengthens me mentally and a great song shifts both my mind and body.

When I'm feeling in a slump or uninspired a song can transform my mood.

For thousands of years, in every corner of the globe, we’ve used music to express joy, sadness, love and connection.

We use music to comfort us, to inspire others and to bring people together.

Music sparks new ideas and reminds us of old ones.

Every single day my activities have some sort of playlist, played throughout my house, on my headphones during a walk or sung along to in the car with my son.

When I ruminate or get stuck, music creates new neural pathways for me. The right song can get into a deep rut of negative thinking and prize it apart.

The amazing thing is that this isn’t something I’m special or unique in experiencing.

Every single one of us has a soundtrack to our lives.

How do I use music in my mentoring?

On my journeys to and from work or on dog walks, songs will remind me of client, a situation they are currently unravelling, a plan they are piecing together or a feeling they expressed. It sparks fresh thoughts, questions and ideas in me.

Some of my clients are musicians, artistic directors and yoga studio owners, music is very present in their lives every day. I explore why and how it inspires them.

For other clients I curate individual playlists, sharing songs that remind me of something they’ve said, that relate to a part of their journey or I feel will spark a light in them.

To me, mentoring isn’t just what is being said in the conversations we have, it’s also about understanding what you are hearing and how it is informing and inspiring your life.

For now, in this moment, stop what you are doing for 3 and a half minutes, take a deep breath and listen to this song by the awesome Public Service Broadcasting.

I believe in progress