October 2023

Switching bodies for a year

Tom Lo beach

If you switched bodies with the person you love most in the world for a year how would you look after them?

How would it feel to be in their body?

Are they older than you with aches and pains you’d try to soothe?

Are they younger, full of energy and suppleness? What would you do with that renewed feeling?

How would you keep them safe?

Would you nourish them with healthy food? Make soups, eat breakfast, reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol you put in that precious body?

Would you make sure you got a good night’s sleep?

What would you do if they felt poorly? Would you rest, seek a medical opinion, make changes in how you move, clothe, and protect their body?

Would you sit still and breathe deeply into their lungs?

Would you talk kindly to that body and cherish it so that, when you returned it the person you love the very most, they would know just how much you love them?

Look up from your screen, take a deep breath.
Is this expression of love possible for your own treasure of a body?