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What are the benefits of having a mentor?

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, your extraordinary journey is a long one, full of obstacles, uncertainty, and exciting opportunities for growth & 'success'.

What it means to be a ‘success’ is personal and rooted in the very core of us – for some the reward is seeing the positive impact of our work on the world, for others it is recognition and approval, it can also be having control over your destiny, gifting ourselves the power of choice for when, where and how we will work and, yes, it also comes in the shiny prospect of being able to afford the life of our dreams.

This is where a business mentor can make all the difference.

A mentor, with their wealth of experience and wisdom, can offer invaluable guidance, support, and insights that can support and accelerate your journey to the ‘success’ that feels right for you.

A different type of mentorship

I’m delighted to offer a whole person mentorship program that supports every aspect of an entrepreneur’s life

I do this by weaving together my years of:

  • award winning commercial experience
  • world class strategy training
  • diverse executive board experience
  • academic study of psychology
  • inspiration from mountains of books
  • conversations on my podcast
  • certified somatic body therapy for stress relief
  • my continual love of learning
My Journey

Light Year Mentor

A year long program designed to give you the space, time, inspiration and support to discover and develop what really matters to you. Every session will have a theme and will be designed for your individual journey.

Invest 12 months with me and I promise you’ll be amazed how far you can travel in one year.

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Emily has provided thoughtfulness, inspiration and guidance – supporting me on my journey from small business owner to entrepreneur

Bobby, Founder & Creative Director - The Click

A Guiding Hand

For those moments when loneliness, doubt or overwhelm creep in. When you find yourself thinking “I don’t know what to do”, “Urgh this feels really tough” or “I wish I could talk to someone about this”.

A monthly membership which includes a regular catch up for guidance plus emergency support.

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After an unexpected career break, Emily took me on a decision making journey that helped me identify what would most nourish myself and my family.

Tom, Managing Consultant - Credera UK

Light Year Body

Long term stress, heightened cortisol levels, running on empty, spikes of adrenaline, perpetual worry and sleepless nights all leave a mark on our bodies. Science shows that our minds alone cannot unwind the effect.

A 12 month journey to rejuvenate and reconnect you to your body.

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The sessions have sparked a period of transformation in how I feel about both my mental and physical health

Kirsty, Founder & CEO - Luminous PR

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