A Guiding Hand

Emily has been a permanent inspiration in the process of growing my business. She guides, questions, listens really well & helps me reflect.

Rachel, Founder & Artistic Director - Copperdot Professional Dance Studio

Who is this for?

Are you an incredibly busy, stressed out and courageous business owner?

Do you find yourself moving from month to month without reflecting on what’s worked well or could have been better in those 4 weeks of flurried activity?

Do you know where to focus your activity in the month ahead?

Do you have a team you’d like to engage with more?

Are you wondering at what point all the effort will start to pay off?

The Guiding Hand membership is for you.


What is the Guiding Hand membership?

Once a month we’ll meet for 90 minutes and explore how business has been for you, what’s been keeping you awake at night and what you’d like to focus on for the month ahead.

We can chat about –

  • KPIs
  • project progress
  • service development
  • recruitment opportunities
  • HR headaches
  • contract negotiations
  • insurance renewals
  • funding applications
  • IT strategy
  • work life balance

There really isn’t a topic I won’t have experience with or know someone who has.

Emergency support

There are always moments when a quick chat with an experienced and wise person who understands your business and the journey you are on can help.

In addition to the catch ups, the Guiding Hand membership gives you dedicated access to a chat with me within 24 hours of requesting help.

Share your worries, we’ll devise a plan and the immediate feeling of overwhelm will feel far more manageable.

Contact Me

In your corner

Being an entrepreneur can be pretty lonely at times and finding the motivation to crack on with the things you know you want, and need to do, can be tricky.

I’m an excellent accountability partner to keep things moving.

I also recognise when you are working full pelt and are perhaps expecting too much of yourself.

I provide helpful reassurance when more time is needed and will pause with you to celebrate both the small and big wins.


Emily's instantly trustworthy style & buckets of empathy, alongside her problem solving career of high achievement, effortlessly gets to the heart of what you really want to achieve.

Tom, Managing Consultant - Credera UK