Light Year Body Therapy

Long term stress, heightened cortisol levels, running on empty, spikes of adrenaline, perpetual worry and sleepless nights all leave a mark on our bodies. Science shows that our minds alone cannot unwind the effect.

My experience

During my career I spent endless days and nights thinking, planning, worrying.

There were bursts of joy from successes, explosions of adrenaline from unexpected twists and snowballs of cortisol from the constant battle to keep all my plates spinning.

My heart was racing, a tangled knot of tension settled in my stomach, my spirit was exhausted and, while my mind was finding ways to keep going, my body was screaming “NO”.

I made huge changes to how, when and where I worked (My Journey) but the stressed feeling stayed with me.

Something quite small would create an instant reaction in my body. My heart would race, my tummy would tumble and I’d feel disconnected from where I was. Overwhelm crept in during scenarios that I would historically have felt completely at ease with.

The situation I was in had changed but my body had kept the score.

Sound familiar?

Stack of books improved

"For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has passed"

How did I heal?

I finally started listening to my body and searched for something that felt right and made sense for me.

I discovered Amnanda, an ancient Ayurvedic therapeutic full body treatment.

Over the course of a year I reconnected with my body, my nervous system healed, I felt rejuvenated and a feeling of equanimity settled in me.

The ripple effect

Amnanda had such a profound effect on me and my inquisitive brain wanted to find out why and how.

Were the results because of where I already was in my healing journey?

I don’t think so.  The shift in me and how I felt in my body were life changing.

Plus, the science stacked up.

I felt compelled to create a ripple effect and trained to become a certified practitioner.

What is Amnanda?

The Amnanda Process is a therapeutic program of twelve revitalising oil treatments carried out monthly over the course of a year.

Amnanda uses a combination of touch, herbs, specially blended organic oils and mentoring techniques to initiate a process designed to release the negative effects of deeply held stress and tension on the body and mind.

It is a full body treatment where the body is anointed with the oils.

It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, calming the nervous system and developing a profound sense of peace in our bodies.


Can Amnanda help me?

Would you like to release the stress held in your body, calm your nervous system and restore your energy levels?

Each year I have space for 8 Amnanda clients.

If you’d like to explore whether the therapy feels right for you and to reserve a spot please get in touch.

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Kirsty's experience

Kirsty Jarvis - CEO & Founder of Luminous PR

“As an entrepreneur that has been running a business now for 10 years, I think it’s true to say that I feel a bit frayed around the edges.

My work schedule is full on most weeks, so I’m always looking for ways to help me centre my thoughts and recharge.

Since starting Amnanda sessions with Emily, I’ve noticed a change in how I’m feeling in myself. It’s hard to describe but the outcome has sparked a period of transformation in how I feel about both my mental and physical health.

I also feel more at peace and ready to deal with some of the areas of my life that have been troubling me – both from a personal and professional perspective.

Amnanda is a strange and ethereal experience but there is something about the stimulation of all senses during the treatments that is healing and energising.”