Light Year Mentoring

Emily has so much energy and enthusiasm. I always walk away from our sessions feeling really excited and ready to work.

Tom, Founder & MD - Sauna Box

Is this for me?

The program is designed for courageous entrepreneurs – Small to medium sized business owners who are likely to have started their business in their 30s and are now in their early 40s.

Do you feel stressed out, depleted of energy and don’t know where to focus next?

Is life not quite as you imagined or hoped it would be?

Does everything seems a little too hard?

Do you find yourself struggling to find motivation?

Are you suffering with insomnia and has your body started to ache in place it never used to?

When comparing your experiences to the ‘bright and shiny lives’ of others do you feel something is missing and frequently find yourself sighing “Is this it?”.


Emily's ability to get the best out of me and enable me to think bigger than the day-to-day has been transformative.

Bobby, Founder & Creative Director - The Click

The Light Year Program

The Light Year program covers 12 months and is designed to give you the space, time, inspiration and support to discover and focus on what really matters to you.

We’ll do this in a variety of ways –

  • long walks getting everything off your chest
  • time spent sharing and discussing inspiration from ‘great thinkers’
  • energising sessions with big scale mind mapping
  • focusing with simple, effective business strategy tools

The sessions have individual themes and, by the end of the 12 months, you’ll look back, connect the dots and be surprised with the distance you’ve travelled.


How does it work?

Each month we’ll meet in person for 2 to 3 hours. The session length will be guided by our conversation and will end when you feel you’ve reached a point for solo reflection or action. I won’t be clock watching.

During these sessions we’ll spend time catching up on how life has been flowing for you. We’ll explore your reflections on the themes from last time and I’ll reveal the theme for the current session. Everything will be tailored to you.

In the first session we’ll spend half a day together for a full ‘get to know you’ conversation. I’ll send you a set of questions to consider in advance, these won’t be your normal entrepreneur questions of sales pipeline figures, profit ratios and marketing strategies, you’ll be gently sharing who you really are and starting to remind yourself what lights you up.

In between our sessions life will undoubtedly throw exciting and challenging experiences at you. If you find yourself thinking “I really want to talk to Emily about this” then don’t hold it until the next session, contact me and within 24 hours we will have had a chat, either over a coffee or a Zoom call.

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I'll always be available in those moments when the loneliness, doubt or overwhelm creep in.